Deciding a theme

Every media product needs a structure to exist. It means there needs to be a bunch of building blocks as well as some soft fabric to put together something that is sturdy enough to hold value. It must add some value to the life of the consumer, irrespective of whether or not it has a monetary value.

When creating your own magazine, it is important to have a theme you can stick to for the duration of multiple editions. It will help you create a wholesome product that makes sense. It is the basic foundation of what you will build in the days to come.

While deciding the theme of the magazine, there are three things you should keep in mind:

Be clear about the theme of your magazine: What do you want to talk about? To whom and for how long? Why are you planning to make one?

Sorting the distribution channel: It is important for you to think of the logistics from Day 1. Can you afford to print the magazine or would you prefer a digital version? This clarity will help you shape the magazine.

Do not depend on verbal communication: Write it all down and document all the basics in a space that is accessible to everyone in the team as well as potential reads/consumers.

You might find yourself in an infinite loop while trying to figure these basics. It is, thus, important to keep a deadline that must be adhered to strictly. Give yourself a month at max and then start working on whatever half-baked plan you come up with.

It is completely fine to be clueless in the beginning. You can build as you go. Just remember: You are doing this to learn and thus making mistakes is a key part of the process. Don’t be afraid to make some on the way.

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