Media kids and magazines

As a media student, you are expected to sharpen your skills in three main domains: writing, editing and designing. Linguistic skills are, of course, a big asset that must not be ignored. My assertion is that if a media student were to work on a college magazine (preferably a print version that’s supported with digital assets), they would be able to get better at the aforementioned skills. It would also help them understand the logistical constraints of creating a media product, within deadlines.

If one were to look from an academic perspective, the experience is bound to help them understand the subjects enough to score marks. After all, isn’t a practical suppose to get your better at theory?

While pursing my post-grad degree from the Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai, I had worked on The Revolver and it was just about the best thing I did in my entire two years of (officially) being a student there. It helped me learn a plethora of skills, making me a slightly more employable, if not by a great margin, media person.

In this blog, I will be detailing my experiences and lessons from the process. You are welcome to be a part of the journey!

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