I know how to make that!

I have had plenty culinary misadventures over the years. Kitchen hasn’t been the most welcoming of spaces for me. However, the one good thing that has happened to me this pandemic is that I have learnt a considerable amount of cooking. It’s not just the basics, no! I can make the rather fancier dishes too. Pizza, momos and the sort!

There is something extremely rewarding about cooking a meal. To be able to create something from scratch, something that is tangible enough to experience and consume. It’s a wonderful feeling, especially for someone who has been stuck at home for months, with the internet (read: social media) being her sole (just being honest) window to the world.

A few days ago as I was scrolling through e-commerce websites, I came across a banana bread priced at about Rs 130. My first thought at browsing through was that I could just buy bananas at Rs 30 and make it home. I know a lot goes into the bread and it would probably cost me much more. However, the feeling of knowing that I can make it, and a rather tasty version at it, was way more satisfying than I can ever put into words.

To soak pulses, measure heat and spices, and move spatulas over ingredients turns them into something edible. What sorcery! I love how I can say it about a variety of food items now — including banana bread thanks to Hebbar’s Kitchen — I know how to make that!

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