When was the last time you took a detour?

I stumbled upon a short film called Detour a few days ago. Written and directed by Sumi Mathai, it features two actors I really love — Sayani Gupta and Vikrant Massey. Well, how could I not? She has this incredible range of being an absolutely fearless queen in Four More Shots Please and a girl-next-door in Axone! And him? Well, the Nescafe cartoonist ad is my all time favourite. Not to mention how I grew up watching Balika Vadhu. So…

Anyway, coming back to Detour.

Released about two years ago, the film depicts a tale of two strangers taking an Uber Pool in the middle of the night. They realise they have a lot in common and forge a bond you wouldn’t expect to see in a world ruled by algorithms. Detour, to me, is a bitter-sweet tale of taking a break and appreciating the little things we often miss in the chaos.

For a little while, they both got the comfort they needed off each other. They got a chance to know someone who was like them and was willing to take a detour to be with them when they craved company. They got a chance to heal each other in ways their loved ones couldn’t have. In that moment right there, they were perfect for each other. Then, the night ended and they were free to go their ways and cherish the moments and feelings they had gathered in those hours, in the middle of the night.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, wondering if they would end up together. It left me with a sweet and sour taste. On one hand, I wanted them to find a new beginning, a journey they could embark on together. On the other, I felt happy about the end the writers gave to the night. Maybe, all they had to offer each other were a few hours. Done, dusted, gone.

Maybe, sometimes, all we need is a little detour.

Question is: When was the last time you felt the need to take one? Did you dare go the distance? Would it be/have been easier if there were someone to be there by your side? Would you take the leap?

I would like to believe I would.

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