Alba’s memories, my hope

There is something powerful about memories and stories they contain. A mix of all things sweet and hurt, they bring with them a whirlwind of emotions. Jane The Virgin is full of such montages of memories where you are thrown off into a puddle of happy tears. My personal favourite tearjerker is one that plays out in the last episode of the series. It’s one centred around the life of Alba Villanueva.

Somewhere in the middle of the last episode, there is a scene where Alba goes to the living room to switch off the lamp. As she stands there in partial darkness, her life in that room, in that house, comes to her in a flash. It takes her, and us viewers, down memory lane of just how much has happened there. It is the house she built and nurtured all her life, being the pillar of support to the next three generations of her family.

She remembers the first time she had stepped into the house with Mateo and every time hence a new life came through that door. The little things and moments they witnessed in that house and how she became a better, freer person in the process. Every milestone they celebrated and every person they welcomed in their lives, every smile that was passed in between to make things feel alright.

Though there are several moments in the show that I feel emotional about, nothing compares to the goosebumps I feel watching or even thinking about this scene. I think it’s the power of memories and stories. Her resilience fuels mine, giving me hope that when you have a heart full of love and the willingness to keep going, happiness would come knocking.

Alba’s memories are my hope.

The scenes featuring in this blog are screenshots from the show, as access on the Netflix India app.

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