#NaPoWriMo | Day 5 | Get started!

you dream your dreams
but stumble when it comes to action
every minor hurdle on the way
becomes excuse in a fraction

life is cruel, bleh, yes we know
does that mean you give up?
why did you then look for
tea leave patterns in the cup?

no this is not a rant that
diminishes mental health
i understand for i too have
seen its poisonous wealth

the point still stays true
if you won’t take charge
chane wouldn’t come
neither small nor large

i have ranted all this
too many times
but yes, this is a first
to have been a rhyme

remember when you
make the first move
plenty will make way
and, join your groove

things will eventually
begin to fall in place
internal battles will be won
your rhythm will find pace

all you have to do
is get started!

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