#NaPoWriMo | Day 2 | Lockdown

it’s been over a half-a-month
and i have grown a year older
this lockdown is starting to feel
like an all new life

all my good clothes lie folded
some ironed, in the cupboard
in all likelihood, none would fit
after this lockdown is lifted

i roll over in bed for work
in comfy pyjamas, sans bra
cook to my heart’s content
becoming friends with spatula
feel annoyed at excess family time
hate on the television they consume

as headlines hammer on spirit, body, brain
blanket holds me deal like a lover

i was agitated, am still now
but something is starting to change
i shook and spun and squirmed
i am adjusting and moulding now

forced into the crevices
i am starting to fall asleep
maybe a part of me is ready
to take this break and come out
ready to take the leap

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