#NaPoWriMo | Day 1 | Love them, peanuts

it’s a spectacle when they cackle and crackle
beside the mustard seeds in a non-shallow pan
little ones jumping about in searing oil
until they meet the soft green curry leaves
steam rises as all begin changing colour

they are removed to be thrown in the grinder
heart turns up mindlessly as they swirl in to dust
making the machine get too warm to handle
the drawers and cupboards are rummaged for gloves
resigned, kitchen towel is brought in to save hands

that slow, loving caress on the back of your neck
could perhaps only be comparable to the swiftness
the spatula shows to the hot mess in the mixie
touching, moving, removing, folding, holding,
nothing must be left sticking to the sides

lovers unite as a grainy mess, popping seeds, and
crunchy lifeless oil soiled leaves, back in the pan,
as fire roars beneath like a lovers quarrel,
spatula moves, keeping them together yet apart
slowly colours change again, like the sky at dusk

chilli, turmeric, coriander powder, salt are found in a box
full of tiny vessels and spoons, all set to be sprinkled on
before water comes gushing about to rule like a bossy chief
disappearing on contact, making efforts feel useless,
yet key to cohesion, like flirting even after the ‘yes’

spatula is the one true matchmaker, life saver,
with every whisk, spin and fold, it helps them
let go of the grainy nature, fusing all together
to be one yellowish brown paste that solidifies
into more and more brown, tastier with age

love them, peanuts!

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