I love Jhole Wali Didi, do you?

It’s not always that I feel as strongly about a piece of content as I did for this one. I hardly ever stop everything I am doing to watch a video this long and then write about it as quickly I have sat down to type this blog. Now that we are here, let me talk about the piece I felt such affinity about. It’s about a video uploaded by Bakarmax, an Indian web comic portal.

Made with the intent of spreading awareness about sexual health, debunking myths and addressing taboos around menstruation, the video is a collaboration between Bakarmax and Breakthrough India, an organisation that hopes to make violence against women unacceptable.

The video is eight and a half minutes long where a strong narrative is unfurled with the help of Jhole Wali Didi.

In India, sex is taboo and so is any discussion about reproduction, especially between a child and their parent. Topics like puberty, relationships, consent and safe sex, an inevitable part of most humans, are alien to most Indian households. The video, with much finesse, points out the damages left in the wake of this phenomenon over the years.

What I personally love about this video comic is that it is in Hindi and doesn’t shy away from putting forth an explicit narrative. It keeps you hooked till the end as it discusses some of the most pressing issues.

There is a point in the film where a significant amount of stress is put on highlighting the confusion that teenagers face as they fail to draw parallels between their bodies and what they read in textbooks. The diagrams don’t do justice in supporting them in their journey of self-discovery. It is an important, relatable moment — one that expresses a key tipping point in the life of a teenager.

Another important moment in the film that speaks volume is when a full-grown man is shown being visibly uncomfortable on hearing a conversation about sanitary napkins. A man who has a daughter has clearly had sex and is likely to have gone through conversations around periods with his wife, if not with any other woman. Or not. For him to be this awkward about topic is a shame. And sadly, a common scenario.

I really loved this video and I hope more of these keep showing up as I scroll through the abyss of social media platforms!

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