Chole Bhature | #NaPoWriMo | Day 25

Chandni Chowk was
a fable street
I wanted to visit
since I was three
Parathe Wali Gali
a haven to devour at
but caged in home,
on bed, I always sat
Scared I might be
too old for the date,
I went with courage
two decades late
Embellished dreams
were I could see
exorbitant lehengas
at really less fee
Turns out decades had
dampen me indeed,
no patience, no path,
yet kept walking in tweed
Halted at a cycle-shop
of a young chirpy man
Behind a dome of curry,
he stood getting tan
He poured heated chole
next to bhature with grace
entertaining all around,
not a worry on his face
Seeing us lick fingers,
flicking the leaf plate
offered more of everything
his smile a myriad slate
I wish I could be as happy
as him in whatever I do
who knew in that gully I will find
my biggest to-do list goal cue

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