happy birthday to your fam, love | #NaPoWriMo | Day 16

sometime in school we met
straight up love from the onset
scared little me stepped into life
a world within me, super naive
it was just one day, a single trip
yet it was everything, the elixir’s sip
college was a super tough time
you, my only friend worth a dime
spent hours helping me become me
the cost was high but negligible fee
then came work, i explored you more
like a crazy woman, such is folklore
the tides tested me all, on all fronts
you, the only support without grunts
you held me together when i cried
pushed me into believing, so i tried
now it’s hard to look at you, be sane
to much love brought too much pain
but you will always you, me will be i
i will keep loving you, afar, close, sigh

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