Why that silver medal was everything

As Facebook tells me, today I have completed a year since I wore a black cape and robe at my graduation. For as long as I can remember, wearing that kala kapda was a dream I just wanted to live anyhow. It signified the much romanticised aspect of getting a college degree. For me, it was really special for I was getting one in something I loved and with a silver medal at that!

I was a below average student at best having taken Science, voluntarily and after much fight, in 12th grade. It was a crazy decision that felt right at the time. It was taxing too. For my second year of being a Bachelor of Mass Media student, I had got a gold medal for topping the year. The transition was absolutely crazy as hell. As if my world had taken a 360 degree spin.

Then came third year, one of the craziest of my life for I was juggling almost full time work in between lessons. What started as a summer internship at a content agency (writing features for a local tabloid) turned into a 14-month long gig, consuming much of my third year. I have no regrets but even thinking about that year today leaves me really, really exhausted.

I pretty much roamed around like a zombie, sleeping if and whenever I could. My job (God bless my editor and team) improved my writing to no end. I was practically working in a world where half my subjects were a daily routine. So there were days when I was attending a lecture on feature writing, while emailing a PR about a quote I needed for an article, from under the desk.

The juggling was not just exhausting for me, it was pretty scary for people around me. My family could see the strain, teachers telling me to concentrate on one thing at a time. And yet, here I was, taking the reigns of my education in my hand, throttling on. In the end, I graduated with a silver medal and a year later, it still fills me with warmth like nothing else. In my head, it was like erasing every doubt that ever arose in the process.

I don’t think I will ever recommend anyone to go down the path I did, but surely I can say that if you want something bad enough, things will fall into place. That silver medal for me was the ultimate reward. I can’t recall much of the theory I learnt in college, except for the parts I really wanted to keep in mind. But the lessons of my third year will forever be cherished. And this my friends, is why that silver medal was everything!

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