Two weddings, two families

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 – Major Spoilers Ahead 

Grey’s Anatomy has many, many moments that just melt your heart. I absolutely love the way the makers juxtapositioned a few scenes in a way that they speak way louder than was probably the intention, or so I guess. This one is about Episode 20 of Season 7 that shows the weddings of Callie and Arizona and Derek and Meredith.

Titled White Wedding, the last few minutes of the episode are really significant. While Callie and Arizona are getting a perfect white dress wedding in front of their loved ones, Derek and Meredith are going through a court wedding. These two events are taking place simultaneously, with the scenes shifting from one to another.

Another significant point is the father-daughter dance where Callie’s father comes back to the wedding to dance with her, saying that this was a moment he wanted to live since the time he first held her in her arms. Earlier he had to leave because Callie’s mother wasn’t comfortable with the idea of her daughter marrying a woman.

Just as Callie and her dad start to dance and Arizona too is swaying with her dad, the scene shifts to the hospital where Derek has Zola in his arms. Zola is the little kid Derek and Meredith are planning to adopt. In fact, she is the reason they got legally got married, a big step up from their blue post-it wedding months ago.

Derek holding Zola is his arms, happily looking at her smile and telling Meredith how he wants to stay with her a while more (they are late for Callie’s wedding) is the perfect scene the makers edited together in sync with the father-daughter dance scene at Callie and Arizona’s wedding. Both the couples get to have what they want, in ways they want.

The episode especially touched my heart because it spoke about many things in a read-in-between-the-lines kind of a way. While a lesbian couple got an almost traditional wedding, a straight couple went through the mechanical process of a court wedding. Further, a white couple found family in a black orphan. Two families came alive. Happy.

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