Only fools live

The process of arriving at a conclusion or making a choice is a bumpy ride. There are always too many factors in the mix. Would you take a job that you love but pays too little? Or you quit a high paying job that’s affecting your mental health? The most difficult choices are probably those that involve monetary decisions because they affect your lives like none other. However, there is a factor that triumphs it all — the will and desire to live and to not just exist.

To be able to truly live on your own terms, you need to be able to own your choices and believe in yourself and your work in equal measure. This requires being foolish more often than you would expect. You may start off knowing better but eventually, it all goes down the drain when you are hit with the first wave of emotion. It’s a lot like how Lily (and later even Robin) went soft and mushy over a pair of socks while making the decision to have a child. “But, sock!”

If you are wondering just how practical the process is, I can probably save you some trouble. It’s usually not. For me, never is the right word as I have a habit of overthinking everything. It gets me nothing but takes away so much time and energy that it’s crazy! Hence the use of the word fool. However, it is important to note that these are also the decisions that truly help you live instead of surviving through life. Maybe it’s all worth it in the end, after all? Or is it?

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