To those who wish to study media

I am a media student, or so I like to say. I am currently pursuing my post graduation from the University of Mumbai. There are a million things I wish to do and achieve and for that, I must work hard. I know this. Despite always putting my best foot forward, there is always something missing. Somehow, distinctively contrary to the popular belief, media is not a stream for those who do nothing. It is, in fact, for those who absolutely must know at least a little about everything. One of the most essential traits I am trying to learn is to be able to debate on any and everything from different perspectives. And, that, needs a lot of work. I fail every day. I rise up again. I keep fighting. It’s exhausting. Being a media student always is. Perhaps it’s a necessity.

If you are someone looking at BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) as a course to invest your three years in, or another two years to get a masters degree, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Do not decide too soon as to what you want to do, never presume.
  2. Don’t blame the institution for your failure to keep going forward.
  3. Keep fighting till you are exhausted enough to doze off right there.
  4. Never give up easily, unless it is the only thing left for you to do.
  5. Walk away if you feel you are being mistreated, never settle.

I am putting this down because I have spent four years of my life trying to understand the world I have entered on my will. I have spent a lot of time debating, fighting people who didn’t share my worldview. It frustrates me when people complain about external factors, without giving a moments thought as to what did they ever do to succeed by themselves. It is easy to be the person who complains, who wishes to express their displeasure under the right to freedom of expression. It is, however, tough to rationalise with logic on the process of things going south and to highlight personal failures of stopping it from happening. Think about it.

No, I am not blabbering and this is not a rant. These are just a few things I wish I had realised earlier, wish someone had told me. Perhaps I can be that someone for someone who is currently in the space I was a while back. At the end of the day, your degree means nothing. It isn’t meant to. It is merely a piece of paper saying you are eligible to go out and fend for yourself in the world. Yes, it is essential. Probably just as much as a pan card to banking, nothing more. Apart from that, it is you who matters. It is everything else that you do in the process of getting that degree that matters. I am not talking about just work experience or internships, I am talking about being a person who deserves to hold the designation when it comes your way.

I never feel ready before diving in. I hope you don’t either, just for the sake of company, I guess. But I know, we shall survive.

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