Until we meet again | #NaPoWriMo 2018 | Day 30

Promises were made on the last day

of school, sometime before one May.

As time passed by, it was all a game

of likes, shares and blue ticks same.

However, that day when we bumped

into each other, I stood by, stumped.

Wanted to melt, blend in the crowd,

like I wasn’t ever there, silently aloud.

It was too late before I realised you

had recognised me, and me you, too.

Had to meet the eye, say hello and all,

memories came rushing, nice and tall.

Bitter ones brushed aside in the past,

good ones were recalled, meant to last.

Short, peppy talk later we parted ways,

I heaved a sigh, away from your gaze.

Surviving my personal battle of fears,

‘Until we meet again,’ I said to peers.

Much like poetry, both dreadful and dear,

Much like words, both smooth and spear.

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