Three | #NaPoWriMo 2018 | Day 10

3 were the months
I was to stay
at an internship
around May.
I was in college,
second year,
the world being
a place I feared.
What if I wasn’t
going to find?
A profession
to me, kind.
Then I found
my 3 pillars.
Two sat on my
either side, fillers,
One, my boss,
edited my life,
often with blunt,
sometimes knife.
They helped me,
made me better.
Every mistake check,
a trend setter.
Slowly, I started calling
the place home,
once afraid, quiet,
now I freely roamed.
Confidence came
with hard work,
It seemed to fade,
the dirty, spotty murk.
Extensions became
a monthly request
Kheevee said, I
won’t leave, best.
I eventually did,
home too now is gone.
But in my memory, it
made me, me from fawn.

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