Magic in my life | #NaPoWriMo 2018 | Day 6

I was at a cousin’s place,
whose name I don’t remember
my memories of the day
have almost, almost faded
but I will always be grateful
to him, for he was the one
who brought me magic!
It was a hot summer day,
Sunday as I remember now,
bored of being around adults,
I sat next to him, watching TV.
A huge snake was chasing
a boy on the screen, a boy
who is today a big part of my life.
I had gone home that night
to tune into POGO, to watch
him ram his sword into the
serpent’s tongue, all over again.
I was hooked as I am even now,
even after years of poring over
thick books, magic-filled pages.
That get together day changed me,

in ways I can never explain.
It brought me Harry Potter
and made May Movie Magic,
the best thing about Summer!

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