You – Me | #NaPoWriMo 2018 | Day 4

When I sat puzzled,
You solved, explained.
When I spoke my mind,
You heard, taught.
When you shouted,
I listened, learnt.
Coloured documents
In inbox were lessons,
Every day was as exam,
You made sure I passed.
Considering me equal,
You made me worthy.
As I stand here today,
In your shiny shoes
Crossing t’s, dotting i’s
I understand the
Burden you took
On your shoulders,
A part of your JD.
You wrote, edited,
Designed, hired.
Ensured no outsider
Could ever see deficits.
Took responsibility
Of my every mistake.
You communicated
In an easy language,
Taught me your ways.
If I can ever be you,
Even a tiniest fraction,
Speak the way you do,
Work the way you know,
And pay it forward,
I would be so lucky.

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