A peek at my 2017

Another year has gone by and oh boy, what a heavy year it was. First off, I finally graduated, with really great grades and the satisfaction of putting one step forward in the direction of making a career in something I really, really love. Having said that, there were serious pitfalls along the way. I left a job I loved because I was getting too comfortable with it and I wanted more. Then, I got another job in a hurry, which I don’t like that much. It’s great work-wise and I have learnt SO much this year, but somehow dragging your feet to office day after day is no good, at least if you have a choice. On the other hand, I started with my post-graduation, a decision I will always love myself for taking. Personally, it’s been a year full of tears and happy tears. The latter was pretty sweet really — I surrounded myself with nice people and stayed as good as was possible on my part with those who really love me. It’s a tough thing though — I am bad at being good to others for the sake of it. Small talk is exhausting and the really big ones deserve good ears — thankfully, I am blessed with some excellent ones around me. On the tears front, I saw a number of amazing people getting no good even after giving themselves and everything they had to their work. It kind of makes you feel hopeless you know — like look, they are suffering anyway, what is even the point of being good? This is the one question I have battled with so much this year that I have sure even 2018 would be affected by it. I am still at the threshold and have a lot of decisions to make. I guess the one good thing is that now I know that being good or willing to be good is not really a choice. So, here’s a big cheer for 2018, please be good to me, okay?

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