By Srinidhi Nandita

Only in the quiet moments of solitude
do I realise how my hopes on
humanity have dwindled over the
long span of short years.
They’ve been falling down,
Like a bird,
With just one wing,
Like a kite,
Without a string,
Lost in the wilderness,
Aware of the fact,
That there’s soon going to be death.
Drowning, calling,
Clinging, holding.
Fading out, into the past.
Long written will be our histories,
Filled with these
Broken poetries and biographies.
Lines break
In a constant
And join together to form sentences.
Is the fact that
In today’s world, we all have
Such high aspirations for ourselves,
And such low hopes for others.
Is the fact that
Hopes will probably only be a concept,
Explained in classrooms,
Picked up from a dusty little book.
Depressing is the fact,
That humanity is slowly

Cover picture credits: Srinidhi Nandita

About the author:


Srinidhi Nandita is a recent Commerce Graduate who loves supporting people, if and whenever they decide to dive in, for fulfilling their dreams. She feels that it’s easier for her to pen down a ten-page-long essay, coupled with a bunch of poems than to write an introduction for herself. “I hope you have a great day,” she said to conclude this note.

You can reach her at palapartisrinidhi96@gmail.com.

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