Is forgetting a good habit?

By Sumeet Garad

Did you forget something today? Maybe your umbrella, pen or power bank before leaving home? Or maybe a friend you made a couple of days ago? It happens, right? We forget things, incidents, even people. While it’s still okay to forget things because of work and stress, I wonder how justified it is for us to forget the people who love us and make us a part of their lives? 

Sometimes, you leave a person because you find someone else who is willing to offer you something you need but couldn’t get it from the previous person. Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever forgotten someone you called your friend until about a month ago? Yes, you might still have their number on your phone, but what is the point of having it when you don’t have anything to talk about?

I agree that it is sometimes difficult to stay in contact with someone who doesn’t belong in your friend circle, but what if the person is expecting something from you? What if they are in a place in life where you are like their first or only friend? Don’t you feel that if you leave them hanging, without communication, they are bound to feel sad?

However, you should also always keep in mind that lack of communication with old friends is sometimes just a consequence of time. Another is craving for more that couldn’t be satisfied with the friends you had before. Sometimes we just want to make more friends because we need someone to talk to, find someone really interesting or maybe just have something to gain from them. As a result of this process, sometimes we just forget the old friends we had. No, not literally, it’s just that you stop interacting with them the way you used to and the frequency of messages decrease. 

In case of being in a relationship, this issue gets further complicated as people tend to switch channels by finding someone else when they feel they aren’t happy with the person they are currently with. Though these little things can be solved easily by talking to people, sometimes we just don’t want it. 

Today, a lot of people around us are lonely, and many of them are in fact under depression. While you can’t always help others, being around, maintaining a relationship, and talking to them is a good idea. Sometimes, just waving at them or saying ‘hi!’ or texting them once in a while can make them feel good. It works like a signal for them to know that you care and that someone out there is willing to talk to them, to listen to them. It can make their day significantly better! 

Even leaving a comment of appreciation on a sketch made by them or a poem written by them works, I can assure you of that. The reason I am writing this blog is to put forth the idea that people need love. While it is easy to make friends, it is really difficult to forge an everlasting bond by maintaining it as such. Just like the ship that sails at sea, friendships also need regular maintenance to stay afloat and continue functioning smoothly. Fights are bound to appear as cracks, but talking it through almost always helps! Don’t let relationships, people and friendships slide through in life, only to regret and feel guilty later on for you cannot do much after the ship has sunk. Whenever you feel something is not right, please make it a point to talk to the person and sort it out. And, never forget to wave at people and if waving seems too much at least smile!

About the author:

Sumeet Garad

Sumeet Garad is a mechanical engineer who loves to write poems and shayaris. With an intent to find solutions to issues he can’t solve with his capabilities as an engineer, he tries to use the power of words to highlight and discuss them. He promises to be willing to talk without judgement. You can write to him at


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