Things as they should be

With tiny fingers wrapped around mine
You had held, gripped my hand just fine
Twiddling little thumbs, I was psyched!
Your toothless smile is what I liked.
Days went by and we grew close
Together with fairies, against foes
They said every now and then
I should tell you more about brave men
How they fought, conquered, won
For I should make you a brave son
They tried, forced me to push you
Don’t ask question, they said, no ado
Placing me in place of your granny
Making me make you same as daddy
But why, we ask, together him, me
Why should you not explore, see?
Suffered we may have, have not
We did vow to make sexism rot
It affected us all, him, me, them, they,
But no more it shall, we together say
We will teach you better, precise,
You shall grow up learned, wise.
Where lessons of equality will win
Spreading through to your friends, kin
When you choose who, what you want to be
In support, we shall stand, him and me.

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