[Explained] Event promotion on social media

Recently, I personally got involved in organising an event at my college. It made me realise just how much we don’t understand about online promotion. There is something to learn at every turn, for things change very rapidly when it comes to social media. The nature of the medium is so dynamic that sometimes flawed content seems to work much better if it’s out at the right time. For this blog, along with sharing the lessons I have learnt, I talk to Gargi Ranade and Laxmi Krishnan, two third-year-students who have been part of organising various literature and poetry events across the city.

First things first — be clear and do it right

Read up about what you are about to do and make sure everything is clear in your head. You can never make other believe in you if you, yourself aren’t clear about the subject. And then, decide on other important things like schedule and content. But how to do that? Laxmi tells me, “You need to pinpoint the prime time of your page, which will invariably differ from event to event. Putting up visually or textually appealing posts on the right time and getting the right people to share it is the key.”

Work on targeted visibility

It’s really important to identify your target audience and make content keeping them in mind. Always remember, you cannot please everyone but if you please the ones that are important for you, that’s more than enough a universe sample to work on. “You should ideally have an event page as that will help you in connecting with the right audience, i.e. the audience that has shown interest in your cause, who wants to listen to what you have got to say!”

Consider connections valuable

People love it when they feel valued, remember that. They love to share their views, as long as they don’t have to do a lot of work for expressing the same. “The best and the easiest thing is to get people to talk about your cause. Record that and put it up online. This will help you in fetching both online and offline visibility,” says Laxmi.

Don’t stick to anything

As I mentioned earlier, social media is extremely dynamic and you can’t stick to fixed plans. Having said that, I cannot reiterate the importance of making a timeline (and editing it as you go). “While promoting an event on social media, it is extremely important to have a timeline of things you plan to do,” says Laxmi. “Content should be perfect when it goes online but if it’s taking too long and the delay will invariably prove to be bad for the event, then go ahead with what’s available and make changes wherever possible,” adds Gargi.

Make the most of it

An internet celebrity (for you) is an influencer that can help you reach the audience you desire. It doesn’t have to be a viral personality, all you need is to find the person who enjoys popularity in the group you desire to attract. However, in case you do manage to get a widely known person involved in your cause, don’t let the opportunity go. “Having a known face matters a lot. When a featured performer is pushed on the event page, the traction it generates is very easily noticeable. The fact that an ‘XYZ’ person is a part of your event or is attending it can work wonders for you. So, pushing them when you feel the traction is low is a good idea,” says Gargi. Save them for the time you need them the most!

Note: I am no expert, just an enthusiast who got the appropriate help at every point of the way. I guess you can only learn as you go. So, if you have any experience to share, feel free to comment and tell me!


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