[Trend Talk] Understanding the trend of slime videos

Available in various colours and textures, ranging from slippery to glitter, slimes have become a popular source of comfort. Although they might seem slightly distasteful in the physical form to some, they are quite a rage in the Instagram world. Short videos featuring the squishy wonders being flattened, distorted, mangled and pounded upon between prim and proper manicured hands are consumed by millions on a regular basis.

The more I look at these videos, the more I find Savannah Scott’s introduction in this Vice article relatable!

It took only one look at blue cotton candy goo to get me hooked and the next thing I knew I was following every account I could find, feeling the tension exit my body as I watched people pull apart foam-filled crackling slime.

What is it about this trend that keeps bringing us to a halt between our regular scroll? “Slime videos are supposed to make you feel relaxed. The constant poking, squeezing and clicky sounds contribute to a physical response called ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” says the owner of Hue, The Indian Slime Shop.

In the simplest words, this response is a tingling sensation that makes you feel good. It cannot be described very well but can be felt for sure. Try watching this bubble bath slime video! Did you get hit by the nostalgia of breaking bubble wraps? Did you feel that it was an aesthetically pleasing video that gave you a sense of happy satisfaction?

“The resulting visuals are aesthetically pleasing and since they are so many varieties of slimes available, there seem to be enough to cater to everyone’s needs,” says the young entrepreneur. In fact, some of the slimes actually have the texture and fragrance of the variety on the label. For example, this caramel one here!

Are some colours better than others when it comes to slime? “I like to use vibrant and bright colours because I feel they make my videos more distinctively attractive between the hundreds available online,” she adds.

In fact, some slimers even give out free gifts with their slimy creations!

Starting up can be tough, but don’t worry if you are trying to make your mark in the world of slime, you will find plenty of helping hands. “There are many accounts that actually give you suggestions if you ask them! I for one would say that the texture of the slime should be clear and the background score should be noise-free,” she advises.

I am going to leave you here with a relaxing behind the scenes (or is it?) video of a slime colouring session!

As a bonus, here’s a glittery surprise!


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