Loving Rosy’s lipstick

Initially, I was frustrated because of the lack of show options for Lipstick Under My Burkha in the multiplexes near me, but as I finally walked into one, it transformed into anger on why people weren’t keen on watching this amazing film. As seconds turned into minutes, I slowly realised why — maybe we just aren’t ready for such a bold exhibit of sexuality, which we usually shun aside, irrespective of the gender we associate ourselves with. The shock value, however, is reserved for the time when we get a sense of how much the repercussions of this fact depend on the gender we associate ourselves with. Or to be fair, it was a 5 o’clock show on a Wednesday.

But you get the drift, right?

I had been looking forward to watching this movie since a long time. I knew all about it being a lady oriented film and how it’s screening was unacceptable in a society like ours, all the while wondering what horrors it might contain. But when I saw a girl trying to fit while the other was engaged in a fight to become and stay self-reliant, nothing seemed alien, at all. The other set of lives, however, showed me a slightly distant world, probably because I too had fallen into the trap of oblivion long ago. Of mistaking privacy with the compulsion to stay silent. Also, I am just as guilty as the next person of making adults feel their identity is rooted in their relationships, overpowering even their birth names.

The movie, on the whole, was a sight to behold. Yes, the scenes kept changing but the narrative, held together by the words of an erotic novel gave it such a constant rhythm that despite flowing like a free river, the story seemed as still as a quaint pond. Sadly there weren’t many scenes that made me hold my breathe, probably because all the applause worthy footage was actually out there in the trailer anyway!

It started off on a slow pace, dwindling in a few places. But each time, the music and the narration came to its rescue. But no, not like your regular knight in a shining armour, of course!

I love how the movie had a three-act structure. The setup being the lives of our characters, confrontation, their will to break away and resolution, their failure to bring about a change. Maybe because nothing will ever change. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

And that’s how I fell in love with Rosy’s lipstick, I hope you will too. In case you haven’t yet seen the movie, please do!

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