Tale of success?

She sat there, buried under tonnes of work. He sat across, unaware of her struggle. She too knew nothing about him. And yet, an unspoken bond was formed, and a prophecy made. Where neither could get up to leave while the other dines. But there wasn’t any food, just their own thoughts eating them alive.

They had always heard of how success came at a price. But they had never thought that their knowledge will one day prove to be their curse. Just because people around couldn’t digest the truth, should he stop speaking? Just because people couldn’t see her in a position of power, should she sacrifice and see her own downfall?

Dominant and stubborn were the tags they got. Some appreciated their words, but most hearts scorned. They were ready to even beg to make people come at a level that matched their respective ones — but they all wanted a lift and a jump, rather than the stairs they had climbed. Nobody was ready to walk like them, on a road not taken.

Today as they sat together oblivious to each other’s pain. Somewhere even success cried, seeing itself fail.


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