Importance of about us

After months of scrolling through websites for projects and stories, the one thing I have understood is the importance of the About Us column/page/section. It is extremely important for people to put in relevant data in this section so that their profile or website looks genuine and their product don’t seem to lack the depth people need to trust it.

There have been way too many instances of me rubbishing the matter at hand because it didn’t seem genuine enough. It could be a simple link to social media pages on the website or the website’s URL in the relevant sections of social media, everything helps as the secondary data. Your primary data, however, should always be the write up about the brand or person in question.

This, of course, doesn’t apply to personal accounts and blogs unless you are want to. But in the case of things you wish to be in the public domain, it becomes imperative make this information accessible.

For brands, you can include the name of the people involved, the place you are based in, the date on which you started and a clear idea of the commodities you deal with (without using any ambiguous fancy terms). For personalities, you can include a decent length of write up about your previous work, interests and motives without making it too personal. Don’t cross ‘that’ line.

I know I am not an expert on any of these topics I am writing about but as a person who uses the internet excessively, especially the social media platforms, I can assure you that these things count!

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