Shudders behind shutters | #NaPoWriMo | Day 25

The train came
to a halt and
you boarded
my compartment.
For many, you
were out of bounds
for this coach
wasn’t meant
for the likes of you,
or so they said.
I didn’t mind though
for you didn’t
bother me,
at least yet.
As a few more
stops went by,
and the crowd
started to swell,
the distance
between us,
lessened to
a great extent.
Your hand grazed me
and a shiver ran past
my entire being.
But I dismissed it
as my imagination
for how could I
accept my sorry state,
especially when
people around me
seemed oblivious
to my glare
that I threw in
your direction
to let you know
of my discomfort.
But maybe you too
weren’t bothered
to care of the
spine chilling
sensations I felt.
It might have
been the crowd
that pressed us
against each other
or maybe it were
in fact your purely
evil intentions.
I guess I shall
never know.
But even today,
after days
have passed,
I still shudder
at the thought
and keep wishing
that I could have
stood up for my dignity
and had had the
courage to
confront you then.
Even today,
goosebumps grip me,
as I try to contemplate
— would it have
been easier
if I weren’t
a man?

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