Smog | #NaPoWriMo | Day 16

It’s well past midnight

and I am terribly late
but I haven’t slept yet
so I will take the liberty
of still considering it
the sixteenth day.
And while I am at it
I will tell you about
something I witnessed today.
Sitting there listening
to these wonderful poets
and guitars being strung
by their owners, lovers,
I couldn’t help but
laugh, be shocked
and clap my hands hard.
But, I wasn’t alone
in this tale for what
surrounded me was
your habit wrong, and,
what filled my lungs
was your toxic smog.
Half the people around
were going about their
sticks, one after another
and I couldn’t help but
wonder why I felt like
an alien in that jungle.
I wouldn’t tell more
for I don’t wish to offend,
and trust me I know
you aren’t all that bad.
But at the same time,
I wish you were
more considerate.
No, not of me, nor
of my lungs, but
of yours and your
future to come.

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