Just a review

That day, I sat down in a nice restaurant for a food review of mine. My dinner date, my best friend from work was with me. She has this habit of checking in on Facebook whenever she goes to a place she likes. Frankly, I love it when people think of me as someone worth showing off so I was happy when she tagged me in her post. But then, came a spree of angry reactions and comments on her post. Almost all of them were about how she hadn’t asked them to come along with her. To be fair, it was my review and so it was indeed my decision to take someone along. But, even if it were hers, what right do others have to be angry with her? And then, I noticed how most of her posts have been subjected to such similar reactions. But why?

This brings me to a crucial part I wish to discuss, why do we feel angry when someone is having a good time? Why do we feel this need to be critical of someone’s happiness? Why can’t we see them happy without us? What right do we have to be in someone’s life when they don’t want us to cross a certain line? All these thoughts keep spiralling in my head, even today. In the end, I just find myself at a complete loss of understanding as to what do they get by bullying her into making them her choice. I still don’t have answers. I hope someday I will.

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