Journaling features | #NaPoWriMo | Day 11

When in doubt
cut it out
is the one rule
that we never floutI don’t remember
who told me this
but it’s a point
we shouldn’t ever miss

To build confidence
is yet another key
that comes with
an expensive fee

It takes forever
or so it seems
to talk, find out,
the secrets of a team

For hours, a simple
story is worked upon
to make sure the edges
are fine, curled and warm

It might seem that
a lot is planted by the PR
probably it’s true too, but
we too drive our own car

For matters that can’t
be auctioned or sold
that come with sensitivity
we take them in our fold

Justice of words
is what we seek
by using terms
that aren’t weak

Instead, we counter all
possibilities in the way
talk to experts and find
what’s right, not just may

We try to heal people
with words, being teachers
and that my friend,
is the beauty of features

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