One for the advertising ones | #NaPoWriMo | Day 9

Yes, it’s true that I have

Hated you for the longest time
To list a few, objectification, building
Unrealistic images are your crime
But today I feel like thanking you
For there are good parts along with bad
If you have made me cringe, you have
Also made me happy when I was sad
I respect you for your attempt
At telling us refreshing little tales
Sending a message each time
You portray something, without fail
I just wish there were of more of you
Who passionately spread love not hate
For these messages impact us in ways
More than one and they make you great
I won’t name any brand I hate, love,
Or have simply sat down to adore
For there are many you have worked hard
And created branding, advertisements for
But yes I do have a set of complaints
For the times you seem to forget
Responsibilities you hold in print and screen
The ones you are supposed to have met
I know there are hardships that come your way
Maybe a stupid client or the money you make
But yet, I feel that it’s not too much for me
To expect you to not be silent, rather awake
For, in the end, laurels shall anyway come
Your way, no matter what I say
I just wish you to do your best
And, for all of us, to save the day.

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