My choice, not yours | #NaPoWriMo | Day 4

I might wear a shirt – pant
Or a blouse and a skirt
What lies within doesn’t 
Require your nod or curt
I have had my share 
Of stress and confusion
You hold no right to further
It with your delusion
I might be a male who
Identifies as a woman
And falls for one too
Remember, it’s not inhuman
To lust for woman as a woman
It’s just plain simple gay
And trust me at this
When I clearly say
You are no one to judge
For what I do in bed
And with whom and 
How should I be wed
The only person concerned
Should be my mate
With whom my stars
Have bound my fate
My sexuality can be complex
And you have no right to wonder
Or use your stereotypes
In my life as a thunder
Stay away and it shall 
Prove to be good for me and you
Because you might be joking
But my confidence, you undo
If you were to meet me 
Because of your job or mine
Why should I wonder if 
You would find my identity fine?
Remember, my gender too is 
My very own choice
Something that reflects
My inner voice
No matter if I was born
With a penis or a vagina
It shouldn’t decide if 
Should be Rahul or Saina
You don’t know how difficult
It is for me to look at myself
In the mirror each morning
And identify me as me, not an elf
Who is slave to your gaze
Your mindset and your beliefs
Who sometimes wish for 
Death as a way to relieve
All that you put me through
Each and every day
Without my consent
Or knowing my ways
Calling me pussy
For I couldn’t pull up those weights
Is just as bad as calling me manly
When powerful is what you wish to state
Till you keep seeing me
As a lump in your perfect batter
How will you understand
That my opinion too matters
I sit here and type this down
As a frustrated girl
Who is as normal as 
Your normal can unfurl
I say this not to clear 
My name and being
But to make you understand 
That this is the right way of seeing
And you don’t have to be queer
To understand their plight
Or to be a part of
This moral fight
Make sure you teach
Your child, not just your daughter or son
And bring them to a world
Where these rights are already wonNote: Your sex depends on your reproductive parts, gender is something you identify with and sexuality is who you feel attracted to. These factors might depend on each other but how much they overlap is an individual’s own, personal choice. No one else gets to have a say. Judging someone on the basis of how much they deflect what’s considered usual is a big mistake and you should be ashamed of every time you have uttered the same.

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