To the strong one | #NaPoWriMo | Day 2

Always told to be strong
He was ashamed to cry
Aspirations he too harboured
But was too scared to fly
Cut short for he had to provide
For his parent, wife and son
Despite being dead inside, he
Pushed his son against the gun
And that’s how the tale ensues
Without a start or an end
Where every man just to prove
His worth, is forced to bend
When people wonder why 
The rapes never seem to stop 
They forget how they taught him
To never back down, to be on top 
Perhaps if they had cared enough
To let him be a human first 
They wouldn’t have to blame
Her food, timing, choices or skirt
If only he knew that they were 
Meant to be equals in the game
That it was okay if she didn’t want 
To depend on him for his name
For she too could be something more
Than just lustful body or a pretty face
Maybe things could have been different
And, we could have been in a happier place

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