For the patriot in you

Every year, a few certain days awaken the patriot in us. It is perhaps a vital feature that keeps our country together, given how it is made up of such diversity. But sadly in the last few months, this word has lost its dignity to the hands of few, as millions watched. What once was a source of pride is a mere means to show, prove and force domination. But can you really enforce someone to respect you? To revere in their association with you? To willingly become too attached that they feel like a part of you? To love you so deeply that they would go to the ends of the world to ensure your smile never drops? Perhaps not.

Instead what you can do is, put a gun on their head and fill the barrel with everything, that even remotely tugs at an artery in their heart and, pretend that you are a saviour, meant to live your life for their welfare. You can make them believe that you are all they need. And create an illusion where a romanticised relationship begins. In this pseudo world you create, they might die of hunger, but they will die with your name on their lips, and belief of a better world in their hearts.

But remember, the choice you make is the difference you create. Not for ‘them’ but for yourself. To help you sleep at night, without an armour on your chest but curled up in your loved one’s arms, without a shred of doubt about your identity and without the need to wake up every morning, proving it to the world. You owe them that much. You owe yourself that much.

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