2016, you will always be special

Cheers to one hell of a year! 

If I were to describe my 2016, I would have to quote Augustus Waters, “I am on a roller coaster that only goes up”. It would have perhaps been a regular year, the first three months weren’t all that memorable, to be honest. But then came 28th March and a new journey began for me. I got an internship that changed my life, literally. I walked into an office, pretty clueless of what came next and ended up being an intern feature writer for a tabloid I have come to love. It’s not a very well known one but is definitely very close to my heart. It made me who I am. It helped me define my career path (guess what? I chose Journalism as my specialisation!) And there were these semester results were I had topped in my class with perfect O grades and the day I bought my very own Mac! Do I need to still explain why this year has been the best of my life so far?

But like all good things, this journey too wasn’t perfect. There are these grey areas of doubt that always cloud my mind. That’s just how it is you know? You can never be completely happy. There will always be these little troublesome things that will bother your conscious all the time. And in such times, all you need to do is look at the stars! That’s what I did during my last college trip, earlier this month. I just stood somewhere on the outskirts of Shimla and looked up at the sky, to see the stars. In that moment, I listed everything that has been bothering me and it all seemed to melt away as I looked at them. Everything seemed too small to be a cause of concern for my soul. And in that moment I felt lighter than I had done in months. I felt infinite and I just hope that the new year brings some more moments like these in my life.

So, good luck 2017.

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