Of all the bitterness in the world

Although the last couple of months have been blissful, I have realised many bitter things about the world that surrounds me. This blog is a dedication to the worst five sour ones.

You cannot please everyone

It’s perfectly fine to stop trying too hard to get accepted by everyone you meet in life. Some people won’t like you no matter how hard you try. It’s better to make yourself a priority than to keep trying to please them.

Multitasking will bring you misery

There will be moments of happiness when you will succeed in doing three things out of the four you are supposed to, followed by the regret of leaving the last one out. No matter how much you try to be in all places, you will miss out on something or the other.

Genuine smile is a myth

A hundred people will come in your life with their thousand motives. Tens of those will be able to bring small spurts of happiness in your life. But after a brief time, you will realise that those moments were all lies — just try to get the most of it, till it lasts.

Jealousy is a real thing

No matter how much mutual love exists between you and the people in your life, jealousy will overshadow it anyway. It’s a general side-effect of being successful. Feel lucky if its existence is your life is short-lived.

Happiness comes alone

Yes, you have all the rights to expect people you love to be happy for you. But, you don’t always get what you want. For the most part, you will realise that your expectations of others being happy for your will do nothing more than dampening your spirits

So, that’s that. Thanks for reading.

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