What do you see?

I sat there in the train and two rhyming lines came to my mind. I knew I had to type them down, lest I forget. I did. Then came a flood of memories and stories that made me think of how much we let people influence the way we see ourselves. Sometimes to the extent that what we see in the mirror is not our own reflection but what other think about us. I know, nothing I feel or say can make a change, for I too am a part of this terrible chain. Sometimes, on the receiving end, sometimes on the senders. However, this is my attempt to show solidarity and try to normalise these feels so that it becomes easier for people to accept the reason behind these thoughts, at least to themselves. It’s them, not you.

I feel good as I see in the mirror, my very own smile
But then I notice the spots, patches and wrinkled lines
To me, they were given by bad diet and mighty sun
But for some reason, they seem to assert your words
You never commented on me, my life or my looks
Yet, your neglect seemed like a tick in my doubt books
Maybe it was you who failed to notice and know
But for me, you broke my confidence’s flow.
Somehow the mirror showed me not what I was
Rather, an image of the feels your presence caused
Wondering why did I ever gave you the right to hurt
Regretting blissful smiles that turned into nods inert
I wish to grow old, being cherished by someone better
To ignore these feels or at least have them fettered
I hope to successfully block you even if its hard
To find that genuine curve I crave to see, back on card

It’s them, not you.

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