An update about my life

No matter how much we say that nothing will change, things eventually change and we move on. There is nothing wrong about it. And, it’s not necessarily always the bad things that we move on from. Sometimes, it’s just a way to evolve into a better person, even if everything is perfect. Probably because there is always something better waiting in store. Life in your twenties is all about understanding this or so I have realised in the last couple of months of being in this zone. The good part lies in how life teaches you to embrace the difficulties it shoots your way. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

I started off this blog, my second on the world wide web, as a means to be more personal and regular in my writing. Sadly, though I tried for the former, the lack of latter made it fruitless. Though it’s not like I haven’t been writing. It’s probably all I do these days. Sometimes about things that even I don’t understand myself and sometimes about my deepest fears and desires. It’s a funny life actually, a funny job. But it’s the best I could ever ask for. Sometimes it makes me wonder, what did I ever do to deserve so much of goodness that comes my way, every day? This thought is probably the best motivation that helps me work hard to prove to myself that, yes, I indeed deserve it. Though I must say it’s a tough job – proving yourself to yourself. But, it is definitely worth it! 🙂

Hopefully, in these last few months of this wonderful year, I will be more regular in writing in this space I call rightfully mine. 🙂


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