School, friendships and more

Somehow it is funny to read the image that says and means: When I say I miss school, I don’t mean the bricks and the building, I obviously mean my friends.


The reason being, that in the last two years of having walked out of those gates for the last time in a uniform, I have pretty much lost feelings for almost all those people who were supposedly my friends back in the day. There isn’t much left between us except the occasional Facebook like or Snapchat seen. And, sometimes maybe comments on the big things.

And yet, every time I walk past that building (or zoom past in a vehicle), I miss the times I have spent there. Every time, I walk in through those gates, I feel the warmth of memories enveloping me, till I stand there breathless with nostalgia. Yes, somehow those bricks mean much more to me now than the empty words once spoken in their vicinity. Though yes, the memories remain and continue to make me smile like an idiot.

Having said that, I am definitely grateful to all those people who once gave meaning to the most beautiful part of my life – the one that I would never want to forget. Because among those pebbles and rocks, I did find my diamonds. The ones that even today continue to shine in my life with a promising forever.

Somehow as I know now, I would say this out loud- not all friendships are forever. Don’t be too emotional about letting go of the ones who didn’t wish to stay. And, when you really feel that you have found a bunch that is going to be a part of your life for a long time, do not let go!

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