Human enough.

Every once in a while we all need validation that we are human. It could be a lone tear that refuses to part from your eye for the fear of being wasted or the butterflies you feel when you see you crush smile (and giggle unknowingly- even at the memory)! It all counts to something – it tells us that we can feel. That we are human indeed.

But its not enough, never is. One thing that really makes us (read: me) feel human is the fact that we can take the leap of faith. We can hope and make things work no matter how tough a time it is. But, are we willing to take it? To jump for what we believe in? One natural road block is the contemplation phase – where ‘what ifs’ rule.

What if I can’t properly express how I feel? What if there is no one willing enough to listen? What if even after I try to put forth ten steps, there would be no first from the other side? What if I fail?  What if things are indeed meant to be and my efforts are just messing up with the system?

Well, the solution is pretty simple – say it out loud! Speak, talk, shout, question, explain and express. Do whatever it takes to calm your brain and reassure your heart (make sure you don’t hurt anyone though!). And, never forget that your heart doesn’t deserve any pain – you owe that much to the one who keeps you alive and safe.


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