Worth of words

Here’s something for every word that was backspaced and every story that died in the drafts. It’s for those who deserve more than just a happy ending, like, blue tick, heart or even a star.

I am sorry that I had to either let you go or keep with me forever. Probably I never wanted you to be blessed with a blue tick or a scroll. Nope, never. I always wanted more for you, because I know you are worth it, you always are. I know the audience, who I desired so much shall never understand what you mean to me, and, to those who you bless with your presence. But, I do always hope that among them is a reader whose heart beats like mine.

I am thankful that you came in my life, even if just for a few seconds, and helped me in making sense of all those complicated emotions. Thanks for being my guide when I felt lost, for being there to dry my tears and accompany my tiny smiles, for making me giggle while walking down a road, and for being my love when I felt alone.

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