Kapoor and Sons since 1921

Spolier alert- This article has spoilers. Do not read further if you haven’t seen the movie yet.


There are movies which are good and then there are movies that stay with you forever. Kapoor and Sons since 1921 belong to the latter.

The movie is filled with humour and has many sub plots which link with each other to make one main plot- people can lie and do wrong for the ones they love. They might indirectly hurt other loved ones but in the presence of love, all bruises can heal.

It depicts three generations of a family where everyone loves each other but there is a lot of history to their characters which makes staying together, a struggle for them. In the course of the movie, the conflicts resolve and we get our happy ending.

But this movie is much more than just a happy ending. Apart from having a realistic approch to the lives of these believable characters, it deals with one issue in a way that no other popular mainstream bollywood movie has ever done. Homosexuality.

It tells us about the struggles of a homosexual person in our society, the stigma associated with the concept and the conflicts in their hearts.

In one scene the character is seen asking his mother about the reason for her anger after she comes to know that her son is gay. Is it because he didn’t tell her about his reality or whether it is because of his reality? Later he pours his heart out about how difficult it is for him to make himself acceptable even to his mother.

The best part of the movie is how normal and manly the homosexual character is depicted. He has an amazing dressing sense and is a very sorted and successful person. He looks hot and is a perfect man which makes him eligible to be a perfect hero as well. Except for the fact that this hero doesn’t fight for a heroine. His battles are different. But, yes, he wins them in the end.

Each actor has done justice to the character they play and the story has done justice to the screen. The songs complement the visuals very well and will leave you humming them for a really long time. The movie is set in the a place called Coonoor in South India and captures it beautifully. I have never been there, but I wish I could. It really is beautiful..

Its a complete bollywood movie with a perfect sync of drama and songs. But its closer to reality feature makes it stand out in the crowd.

Conclusion- Its a must watch movie.

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