Just another blog post

Its been a long time since I wrote a blog post and a lot has changed in this time. Primarily my second year of college got over and secondarily I got a new phone. Well, its not that difficult to contemplate the changes these two events can bring in a person’s life. Trust me, I am no exception.


So, wondering yet about the changes? Well. There are none. In spirit though, they brought back my favourite pastime activity in my to-do list- the ability to overthink every possible thing I can.

But why? Well you see, next semester is going to be big one- I need to choose a speciality of field that I want to pursue. Even though I am pretty sure about my decision, there is this thing that I have about thinking of every possibility which actually kind of keeps me going in the correct direction. And no, it is not even a tiny bit easy. With every single possibility comes along a great amount of confusion. But, then again, its just a belief that I have, that all this will ultimately result into a good decision.

So the next one is about my phone. Well, its a pretty and decent functioning device which figuratively brought me from medieval times to modern ones by being bigger, faster and accompanying a better camera. Its funny how much dumb an old smart phone can make you feel.

But that’s not all. There is this thing which gets tagged along with these devices. That is the ability to be completely comfortable in feeling alone in a room full of known strangers. The betters ones just bring you more comfort.

There is no doubt another aspect to it too. The memory creation with a great invention called camera and hordes of laughter at laughing at them, years later. But there shall always be a part of me who shall feel more happy in laughing at similar memories stored only in their head, at completely inappropriate times like crossing a road. It just feels more personal that way.

Tada. That was a long post I guess. Thank you for reading. Do share your views and help me get better! Cheers.

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