The faults of our lives

One of the worst things that can happen to you is to be in a place where you are the only one who has anything good to say about a person or thing that everyone around you hates. Its not difficult to see good in people or things, its the expressing about it that sucks.

Why does everyone has this incessant need to find faults in everyone and everything? I don’t think I am any different when it comes to finding faults, but I do feel its okay to not to do so, sometimes.

I guess there is comfort in finding flaws in our surroundings, because then we can be flawless. That way, we have the power to be right. Always? Always.

But then, during retrospection I come across a simple fact- scrutinizing others because of the company you have can never bring you peace anyway. That feeling of regret will suck even more than being out of place.

So, try to take a stand when needed, no matter if it against everyone around.

With that, I would like to reiterate how quickly this year is passing by- Its already the second month’s end! Only 10 more to go! Also, this happens to be a leap year, which means an extra day! Try to make the most of it by judging less and doing more.



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