One more blog post? Sure!

Its been quite some time I posted on my blog, despite my resolution, but honestly, being constantly crushed between assignments and the desire to sleep doesn’t make your life any easier. On top of that, there is this need to waste as much living time as possible with mindless scrolling and sharing. The cherry on the top is my new obsession with Romedy Now and the likes.

Sounds relatable? Please say yes, it would help me reassure myself that I am just as sane as you are.

Sometimes I wonder if writing on the internet, in any possible way, makes sense, but then there are days, rather nights, when I just sit and praise the people who did at some point of time in their lives.
These are the sleepless nights I spend on completing my assignments.
I am a mass media student, which can be roughly translated to- world wide web is one of my lifelines, at least when it comes to assignments!

The way we students stumble upon words written by people, unknown to us and copy-paste them to get marks is somewhat astonishing. We sometimes re-frame them, adding a personal touch. All that is fine, but frankly, it’s not just a simple act of copying words, its more. It’s like making those words an integral part of our lives, may it be just for a night. But since, I do love to write, I can tell you, that the hope that someday someone might read my words and like them is a great feeling.


Source: Google Images

What I really wanna say in this blog post is that I think it is an amazing thing to write, to express, to share and to tell the world what is going in your head and what you know.

You may never know, but there might be someone out there who may someday, get some benefit from your words.So, never stop writing and never stop believing.

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