From amidst the chaos

It is never going to be easy, but you must always know: that there is always a scope of things getting worse. So rejoice about the fact, that you are not yet there and still have a few steps left. And the fun fact is that those steps are all that can ever matter in this world to you. And the day, when you will finally achieve what you were born for achieving, maybe that day, all these mundane things which have no significance today whatsoever will make perfect sense. All you have to do is to continue taking all the shit in the world because one day you will be thankful that you did so and you will feel great about never stopping or giving up. You must always remember that ultimately its death that awaits us all and it’s our responsibility to live a life full of stories that we can tell it when we take that one last journey with it. And so, till then, hang on and don’t be afraid of trying to make the most of this mundane world because one day you will realize how not so mundane it is and how not so mundane you are.

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