If only words were enough

I knew him as the man who brought Severus Snape to life. He played a character meant to be hated, and in the process, won our hearts. His character didn’t evolve like many others, but was multi-layered and full of emotions, which he played so perfectly that no one would ever be able to match.

He gave so much meaning to a mundane word with his voice, that it will always remain an eternally important part of our lives. Every time we will think of love, he will obviously come to our mind. His character was not dull, but it was he, who made it shine bright.

Lets raise our wands for the man who played a character, we all shared a love and hate relation with. Who made us believe that forever will come if we believe in always.

If only words were enough, I would like to thank Alan Rickman, for being Severus Snape.

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