A new start

While every one was busy celebrating the new year and discussing new year resolutions, I too wrote down a few resolutions on a paper. I was not really determined to strike off any item on the list. But it has been just a few days into the new year and I seem to have made a little progress.

One of my major problems is the fact that I just don’t like newspapers. Like, at all. The cherry on the top is that I am a media student and this fact kind of tarnishes the fairy tale dream of being successful, in any and all possible ways. Hence, it was the first resolution I could think of.

I was quite determined to change this in the new year. I now buy a newspaper every day and read most of it. By, doing so, I have found myself, a new love. The newspaper is a real charming object. It is so full of beauty and possibilities. The way words and pictures are placed together with varying level of boldness and types is a real visual treat.

Hence, the first strike. A very happy one indeed.

I have a cycle which has been in my possession since many years. A little too many I must say. But, I learnt to ride it only about 2 years ago. It has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. But, more on that later. In the little over two years that I have known how to ride a cycle, it has been an on and off relation. The bitter part is the cliche I wish my cycle could understand- Its not you, its me.

It has been months since it is lying at my place with deflated tyres. One of the points in my list was to revive it. I knew it would be a tough task. Honestly, it was a dream for which I didn’t want to work. Like getting fitter for example, among many other things.

But, then came an unexpected call from a friend who wanted to borrow the cycle for a few days and a few minutes later magic happened. We dusted it off and as air filled its tubes, it was revived. Again. Hopefully, to never die. Again.

Trivia- This friend also happens to be the person who taught me how to cycle in the first place and I can never, neither figuratively, nor literally thank her enough for it.

The feeling of being back on the cycle was magical. As I rode it again, I felt alive in ways which can be compared to perhaps just one thing- getting out of a Mumbai Local at Dadar station in the peak hours. But, that analogy works only for the adrenaline rush and constant vigilance. The happiness is incomparable.

And that was the second strike on the list. Though, I have not practically done it yet since I am too lazy to find that paper, but in essence, it has been officially struck off.

There is this one thing, I wrote in the list and I am quite determined to get done with, or maybe at least start with is writing. I love how words can be used to express feelings we never even knew we were capable of feeling. And, hence the blog. I have another blog too , but that is a different thing. I want this one to be more personal. More me.

So, with this post I wish to start a new journey. I hope it will be a happy one.

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